Alright ladies and gentlemen, let’s chat family photos on your wedding day! These people love you and support you, and have no doubt given countless hours in preparation for this day. Photo opportunities with your family members bring them gracefully into the joy and celebration of the day and create lasting memories.

Photos of the family are well planned and posed in order to efficiently capture all of those who are dear to you. As a photographer, I find it so important to make sure that the family photo time is lively, but also quick. The Bride and Groom will no doubt have been in more than a few photos up to this point, so making sure that the family photos capture the importance of family bonds while also being respectful of time is my top priority! Remember that there will be more than a few candid moments throughout the celebration too.

Jordan Edens Photography Standard Family photos

Groom’s Family

  • Groom and Mom
  • Groom and Dad
  • Groom and Mom and Dad
  • Groom and Bride and Mom and Dad
  • Groom’s Immediate family and Bride
  • Groom and Siblings
  • Groom and Bride and siblings
  • Mom and Dad
  • Siblings and their immediate families
  • Groom and Bride and Grandparents

Bride’s Family

  • Bride and Mom
  • Bride and Dad
  • Bride and Mom and Dad
  • Bride and Groom and Mom and Dad
  • Bride’s Immediate family and Groom
  • Bride and Siblings
  • Bride and Groom and siblings
  • Mom and Dad
  • Siblings and their immediate families
  • Bride and Groom and Grandparents


  • Outdoor? Indoor? Keep in mind that outdoor locations work best for family photos when they are well shaded. Indoor locations work best in areas with available natural light. Whatever your choice, I always recommend keeping the family photos at a location as close to the ceremony as possible.
  • If there are separations or divorces be sure to discuss those with your photographer so a family photos list can be created that is respectful of each situation and makes each family member comfortable with the photos that they will appear in.
  • Are you planning on adding an extended family photo into the mix? Be sure to discuss when these family members will arrive based on your plan to take family photos before or after the ceremony. Designating an aunt or responsible family member to gather the extended family for this photo will also help to ensure that the photo can be arranged and taken quickly so the schedule can continue moving along.


Antoine and Hala were married in Dubai, and celebrated a second time in Washington surrounded by family and friends. One of their requests was to have a photograph with each family and group to remember the occasion by.


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