A photographer for the joyful, timeless, romantic, intentional, adventurous couple (I mean slightly adventurous, let’s not get too crazy!). Specializing in Bride and Groom portraits alongside of the full wedding day story. Classic elements, a generous mix of romance and candid, bold coloring, and strong black and white imagery. My couples are intentional and joyful in the marriage they are building that will be celebrated on their wedding day. They love and are aware that each person celebrating their union is the support that brought them to this day, 

why do we photograph?

Simple, we want you to remember.

Let's get this Celebration started already!

You appreciate the timeless and classic elements, a splash of romance, the boldness of color, and the quiet strength and emotion that only a black and white photo can bring.

What you really want is to hold onto and remember this day for as long as you both shall live. 

Who we love to serve

jep couples

You might be a Jordan Edens Photography couple if...

you DREAM of wedding photos that beautifully show and tell the YOUR love.

You are so (so so so so) excited for your entire wedding story, but especially photos of the two of you, because this is a day full of promise and the start of an intentional marriage and life together.

You probably already have plans to cover your walls, and share these memories as many times as you can!

You aren't worried about copying photos from Pinterest, because you want to leave room for creativity and moments that best represent the two of you.

You can't decide if you are more excited for your wedding, or your marriage.

This is the start of your family legacy, and you are going to want to hold onto every moment of it!

I might be a little biased, but I think photos make the BEST decorations! Not only are they a piece of art, but every time you walk past them, you get a little reminder of one of the absolute best days of your life. 

to have and to hold

We think that photos live best off the screen

best day ever

wedding story

First look

Take in the day together! The first time you see each other in your wedding clothes is a time to savor and enjoy. 

Bride & Groom portraits

A favorite part of the day is whisking the couple off for moments alone in front of the camera. A few posed photos smiling for the camera, your mom and grandma will want these! But we will also leave room for a lot of cuddles, and in the moment photos that share your love.


Why engagement photos? For starters, it's a fantastic time of cuddling with your love! Engagement sessions are also helpful for the two of you as a couple, and me as your photographer, to see what types of poses feel natural. It also helps you to get to know my shooting style, and all the ridiculously cheesy lines that I use to get you to smile. Bonus, your engagement photos also make great save the date announcements as well as decorations for your wedding.

Getting Ready

Getting ready for a wedding day is filled with a lot of different moments. Some quiet and sweet, some exuberant, but almost all with great anticipation. The day has arrived, and although surreal, it is FINALLY time to wear that beautiful dress and dapper suit! Photos of these moments are candid, and take time to commemorate the details.


You've gathered treasures, maybe it's something old, borrowed, blue, or a penny in your shoe! Let's take a moment to commemorate these pieces.

Bridal party & Family

These people love you and support you, and have no doubt given countless hours in preparation for this day. Photo opportunities with the bridal party and family bring them gracefully into the joy and celebration of the day and create lasting memories for them. Planned and posed in order to efficiently capture all of those who are important to you.


This one is big, as anticipation grows, so do emotions and excitement! Walking down the aisle, and standing together on your wedding day surrounded by family and friends is an experience to be cherished. Photos of these moments are completely unscripted and captured as they happen and when they happen. 


The reception is a time to let loose and enjoy! Almost all of the posed photos are finished leaving time for you and your guests to eat, drink, and enjoy each other's company! Coverage takes in the key moments of the reception.


Save a few minutes to sneak off as a newly married couple to take advantage of the beautiful sunset lighting. For sunset photos we'll twirl, create beautiful silhouettes, and spend a few minutes getting cozy before returning to the reception festivities.

Each Wedding is unique and beautiful in it's own way, here is a glimpse into the cumulative wedding story.

Let's talk about your day

What are your hopes and dreams for your wedding day?

The beauty of this day and age, your wedding is what you make of it. Of course, we have pretty high hopes for your photography already, but what other aspects do you want to cherish and remember long after the day?

We want to treat each wedding as the unique celebration that it is, and feel that the more we know, the better we are able to serve. Use the contact form below and spend a little time gushing about the wedding of your dreams!

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Ashley Van Roekel

"I couldn't have picked a better photographer for our wedding day! Jordan was easy, and fun to work with, and worked around each request we threw at her. For example, my husband really doesn't care for photos, and the whole process can be quite painful getting him to cooperate. Rather than letting this fluster her, she planned out a short and precise plan to get our photos done well but done quickly, so my hubby didn't feel like he was posing "forever". 

When it came to the family and bridal party photos, she could pose large groups like a pro, and very quickly at that. There wasn't a single photo where one of my family members couldn't be seen, she posed each group just right.

Finally, the moments of the wedding. She was in the right place at the right time. All of the moments I wanted, she captured, and in my opinion one of the best parts was she did this all while keeping the focus on the ceremony. Some photographers can be clunky or really distracting, but not Jordan. She somehow found a way to blend in and get just the right angle for each shot.

When the time came to get our photos back, we weren't waiting for months, she was quick to return the photos and gave me a large enough selection to choose my favorites, but not so many that I was overwhelmed.

I would recommend Jordan for any event, or moment in your life that you would like photographed, she is simply the best!!"

Bond Durham

“We chose Jordan for her incredible eye for detail and beautifully romantic shots, and she did not disappoint! Jordan was professional and organized right from the start! We had several meeting detailing location, which she was so well prepared and familiar with, and groups of people for each shot! Beyond that, she was fantastic on the day, staying on schedule and still managing to have perfect weather timing! She also worked so well with the younger member of the family as well as the older keeping everyone focused with a great attitude!!

I would recommend Jordan to anyone desiring a stress free day with guaranteed fantastic work!"

Abigail Brougher

"Jordan did an incredible job with our photos. Prior to our wedding, she was very flexible and handled scheduling changes with ease. On our wedding day we were so impressed with how quickly she was able to take all of the pictures we wanted all while capturing beautiful photos! 

We absolutely LOVE ALL of them!!

We are so thankful for pictures that remind us of the commitments we made to each other and the joy we felt on that day. "

Kirsten Farris

“The joy and ease Jordan brought to our wedding reflects in every single photo. Not only are her photos timeless and beautiful she made the entire process smooth and the wedding day so much better knowing we were getting quality images of our day(aka NO STRESS). She shot our large bridal party of 14 people and mine plus my grooms extremely large(31) family so efficiently that we had almost an hour break till the ceremony to relax! We are in awe of our photos and feel so lucky we were able to book Jordan!”

Noah Farris

My wife and I had Jordan as our wedding photographer and she absolutely blew us away. She had everything planned out so there was no confusion, she finished ahead of schedule (even though we both have large families and large wedding parties) and the pictures looked great. Going through the photos every special moment no matter how little she somehow managed to capture beautifully. If we had to do it over again we would choose Jordan every time. (Although hopefully we don't end up having to do it again)...”

Marissa Herrema

"Our experience with Jordan Edens Photography was fantastic! On a day that can be littered with stress for a bride, Jordan was flexible and easygoing. She brought out and captured our personalities in stunning photographs. Not only does Jordan possess incredible artistic talent, but she also handles the business side of things with professionalism and attention to detail. I highly recommend Jordan Edens Photography!"


"Jordan is an amazingly skilled photographer with the ability to connect with you and make you feel comfortable right from the start. If you are like me and hate getting your photo taken she is the best! Throughout our engagement and wedding photo shoots she kept us relaxed and natural, capturing wonderful moments we will be able to look back on for a lifetime. I can't recommend Jordan Edens Photography enough, and we can't wait to work with her again in the future!"

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