You have invested in these photos, now it’s time to make sure they are protected for years to come! The more places you store your photos, the better, here are just a few suggestions for backing them up beyond your computer!

  1. Use External Hard Drives: External hard drives allow you to backup your photos right from your computer onto a device that you can store.
    • We also suggest a solid state driver, a slightly more expensive option than the typical external hard drive, but safer for storing long term and less sensitive to bumps or drops.
    • For the storage of wedding photos, think about just buying the amount of space you need for those photos so you aren’t tempted to add to the drive and accidentally delete the initial photos from the drive.
    • External hard drives are a one time fee that you store as you please, in comparison to a cloud based service which might have a monthly fee structure.
    • If you opt to invest in an external hard drive, we recommend purchasing more than one so you can keep one at your location and one safely at another location for the event of a fire or other uncontrollable disaster.
    • SUGGESTED: Amazon or Newegg have great options, be sure to read the user reviews!
  2. Utilize the cloud: Cloud based services are a great way to store your photos away from your location. Cloud based services can be free or based on a monthly or annual fee.
    • In the fire or natural disaster to your home, having your photos backed up on a server outside of your home will give you peace of mind.
    • These services often have a backup server for their primary server, to ensure that the items you upload are doubly protected
    • Storing your photos on the cloud allows for ease of access for you anywhere that you have internet.
      • Google Photos has the best “free” option, allowing unlimited storage as long as the photos are 16 megapixels or less. Google Photos can be accessed through the web, Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone.
  3. To have and to hold: After you store your photos, I also recommend printing them! Albums and prints are also great ways to preserve these memories, and also show them off beyond your computer screen!
      • Ask your photographer what printing options they offer: I personally have a line of fine art books and albums that I create custom for each client! Prints and canvases as well as a few photo gift items are also available.
        • Printing on your own? If you opt to print on your own, Artifact Uprising is a great resource for both your professionally done photos as well as your cell phone shots!

Personally, I have my wedding photos backed up on two different external hard drives, and those hard drives are stored in different locations. I also have more prints than I can frame and several albums to preserve the memories of one of my absolute favorite days!

by jordan edens photography

LIFESTYLE: A photographer for the sweet moments, memories, and milestones that make up your life! Share the story of your bump, your baby, your senior, your growing family with a lifestyle session. Business lifestyle sessions and headshots also available.

 WEDDING: A photographer for the timeless, hopelessly romantic, adventurous, couple. Specializing in Bride and Groom portraits alongside of the full wedding day story. Classic elements, emotional moments, intimacy, bold coloring, and strong black and white images set my photographer’s heart on fire.

Jordan Edens Photography is a Washington State photographer based out of Richland, and Kennewick; serving the Tri-Cities, Washington and surrounding area with wedding and lifestyle photography. Travel and destination photography for weddings is also available.

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