Alright ladies and gentlemen, listen up, I LOVE Pinterest! I definitely had a wedding planned, a home decorated, and the cutest little kid ideas you ever did see, all living nicely on Pinterst. It’s interesting, inspiring, but can also be incredibly overwhelming. I invite you to think through a couple things before pinterest takes over your wedding!

  • Not everything on Pinterest is realistic – You might love a picture you pin, but think through if it is realistic for your location, budget, personality… It might be a pretty picture, but that doesn’t make it an automatic good fit for your wedding.
  • Be stingy with your pins! There are a LOT of different ideas, themes, and styles that are trying to get your attention. Each and every one of them would make for an amazing wedding, but once you have a style and color palet selected, be stingy with your pins! Don’t let other styles sway you and mutle your carefully chosen style. If your Pinterest inspiration board is feeling a little cluttered, go through and deep clean so that what you have left is a clear and concise representation of the inspiration that you are going for.
  • Trust the wedding professionals that you are hiring! If you choose to bring along your carefully curated Pinterest inspirations to show off to your vendors, remember that they are professionals and you chose them for the amazing work that you have seen them produce. They’ll take those Pinterest inspirations and create masterpieces with their own talent and experience.
  • Don’t let Pinterest plan for you! My last Pinterest tip is to remind you to put yourself and your fiance first! While Pinterest is loaded with ideas, it doesn’t know the sweet moments of your relationship, your likes and dislikes, and the sentimental pieces that you can add in to set the tone of your special day!

The biggest thing to remember as you plan your day, is to let moments happen!
Cheers to your best day ever!


by jordan edens photography

LIFESTYLE: A photographer for the sweet moments, memories, and milestones that make up your life! Share the story of your bump, your baby, your senior, your growing family with a lifestyle session. Business lifestyle sessions and headshots also available.

 WEDDING: A photographer for the timeless, hopelessly romantic, adventurous, couple. Specializing in Bride and Groom portraits alongside of the full wedding day story. Classic elements, emotional moments, intimacy, bold coloring, and strong black and white images set my photographer’s heart on fire.

Jordan Edens Photography is a Washington State photographer based out of Richland, and Kennewick; serving the Tri-Cities, Washington and surrounding area with wedding and lifestyle photography. Travel and destination photography for weddings is also available.

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