At the start of the day or down the aisle?! There are so many pros and cons to each, but ultimately each of my couples make the decision of how they want to greet each other on their special day!

First look

  • You get to spend the day together!
  • A private time to greet each other without all of the guests present
  • You get to talk to each other and gush about how beautiful and handsome
  • All bride and groom, bridal party, and family photos can be taken prior to the ceremony allowing bride and groom the freedom to enjoy the festivities after

Down the aisle

  • Spend the day in anticipation and great excitement to join your love in the wedding ceremony
  • Dedicate the morning and getting ready time to spending time with friends and family who have traveled near and far to celebrate with you
  • Photos with just bride and bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen, bridal portraits, and groom portraits prior to the ceremony
  • A quick succession of bride and groom, bridal party, and family photos following the ceremony

Bond & Bryan – Down the aisle

Bond and Bryan wanted tradition on their side and opted to see each other for the first time as Bond walked down the aisle with her dad. We worked through a lot of logistics in order to time photos prior to the ceremony with Bride, Bridesmaids, and Brides family along with the grooms arrival and Groom, Groomsmen, and Groom’s family photos. It was incredibly important that we stuck to the schedule in order to achieve all of our photos both before and after the ceremony. Family and Full Bridal party photos were taken immediately following the ceremony. As guests enjoyed a cocktail hour, the happy couple adventures onto the grounds for a quick round of Bride and Groom photos before the Reception.

Kirsten & Noah – First look

Kirsten and Noah wanted to spend the day together, so they chose to have a first look! In the house that Kirsten had lived in with roommates, the bridesmaids peaked through the windows as Kirsten walked up to Noah. Because they wanted a little adventure in their photos, doing a first look allowed us ample time before the ceremony to do a little hike up Little Badger for photos overlooking the Tri-Cities.

Janey and KJ – First look

Because they knew they would be nervous, Janey and KJ wanted a chance to see each other and spend a little time alone before all of the festivities. The two used the beautiful Christmas tree farm backdrop to represent their love of the outdoors as they did their first look on their wedding day.

Matt and Janessa- First look

Matt and Janessa opted for a first look because it was important to them to take a lot of family photos. Having a first look allowed them a little time together before the bridal party and family arrived, and then we had plenty of time to gather a large bridal party and large family grouping for photos.

Tory and Zane – First look

Tory and Zane had their wedding and reception in Tory’s parents backyard. Because Tory was getting ready in her parents home, she wanted to utilize the backyard and neighborhood for some of their photos because she liked the cozy feeling of taking photos where she grew up.

Jordyn and Drew – First look

Jordyn and Drew wanted to have a first look so they could go right into the reception after their ceremony! They read each other love notes before their first look and it was a great time of quiet for them before all of the celebrations began.

My First Look

Any chance I get, you better believe that I’m going to show off my wedding day as well! As a bride, I LOVED having a first look! It gave us time to connect and shake off some of the pre-wedding nerves before walking down the aisle. It also gave us time to adventure a little and get some photos that really showed off the Tri-Cities landscape! And, the best part, Dodge’s reaction to me in my dress !

by jordan edens photography

LIFESTYLE: A photographer for the sweet moments, memories, and milestones that make up your life! Share the story of your bump, your baby, your senior, your growing family with a lifestyle session. Business lifestyle sessions and headshots also available.

 WEDDING: A photographer for the timeless, hopelessly romantic, adventurous, couple. Specializing in Bride and Groom portraits alongside of the full wedding day story. Classic elements, emotional moments, intimacy, bold coloring, and strong black and white images set my photographer’s heart on fire.

Jordan Edens Photography is a Washington State photographer based out of Richland, and Kennewick; serving the Tri-Cities, Washington and surrounding area with wedding and lifestyle photography. Travel and destination photography for weddings is also available.

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